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James Lindenschmidt, General Manager of RealTraps, here again for the June Newsletter. May came and went all too fast! One of our projects included a new video shoot, completed a couple of weekends ago. We haven't done a video in a while so watch this space for the new video announcement.

A few weeks ago I posted the following to the RealTraps Facebook Page: "Just spoke to yet another customer thrilled with the new sound in their room. It's definitely a gratifying feeling, helping so many people deepen their enjoyment of music, whether it's recording it or listening to it. Making the world sound better, one room at a time..."

One specific bit of feedback we wanted to share with everyone is from J. Frey in New Paltz, NY: "Just wanted to let you know I have installed the traps and the results are truly miraculous. In my life I may have gotten better value out of an $8,000 investment, but I can't remember when. Truly impressive." We get positive feedback like this regularly, but that doesn't change the fact that every time we do it gives us something to feel very good about.


I was recently approached by The Audio Times to write an article for their website. I was happy to oblige with an article called Acoustic Design for the Project Studio. Some of the themes presented there will be familiar to longtime readers of our website, though this article presents the ideas in a new way, designed to optimize those working in project or one-room studios, where it addresses listening as well as tracking.

In addition, RealTraps co-owner Ethan Winer has a new article called Audio Priorities: What Matters a Lot (And What Doesn’t). In the article, Ethan continues his crusade of audio consumerism and applying real science to claims made by some audio equipment manufacturers. Those familiar with Ethan's writings over the years, culminating in his new book The Audio Expert will be interested in this article as well.


At the risk of becoming too predictable, we are extending our monthly special on factory seconds for another month. For those who may not remember, a factory second is a trap that doesn't quite live up to our very high aesthetic standards; either there is a defect in the manufacturing process such as a visible seam or crease on the fabric, or the metal frame gets scratched or dented. Sometimes it's just not worth repairing them, and instead we offer them to our customers at a discounted price (normally $50 off per trap). Note that our seconds are fully functional, but just fall a bit short of our high appearance standards in the ways described above.The normal price for our factory seconds, but we have the following pricing available while supplies last:


MondoTrap 319.99 239.99
"Fat" MondoTrap 319.99 239.99
"Fat" MondoTrap 2x2 219.99 169.99
MicroTrap 159.99 99.99
TriCorner 269.99 199.99
Diffuser 599.99 449.99

All of these products work perfectly! The only difference is cosmetic - usually just a minor scratch or two. Note that QUANTITIES AND COLOR SELECTIONS ARE LIMITED TO ITEMS ON HAND. First come, first served, while supplies last. If you are interested in purchasing the seconds, contact me at either 866-RealTraps, or This order is good until June 30, 2012.

See you next month!

James Lindenschmidt
General Manager, RealTraps

RealTraps is owned by Ethan Winer and Doug Ferrara. James Lindenschmidt, General Manager, handles the day-to-day operations outside of the factory. Ethan is known throughout the audio industry for his many technical articles in audio and computer magazines, and he has engineered and produced several classical music CDs, including a recording of his own cello concerto. Doug is a professional musician and recording engineer who holds an advanced degree in engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic, and is a member of the New York Academy of Sciences. Previously he was a systems engineer for Motorola. James has been listening to, playing, and recording music since he was a child, for nearly 30 years. His degree is in philosophy.

General product information:
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