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James Lindenschmidt, General Manager of RealTraps, here with the May newsletter.


"Good, cheap, and fast. Pick any two."

This common aphorism holds true across most industries, including the pro audio and consumer audiophile industries. Every business must find a balance between these points in order to be successful, and RealTraps is no exception. In this newsletter, I'd like to talk a bit about how RealTraps navigates these points to provide the best quality products with the highest value available, to make the world sound better, one room at a time.

When RealTraps began in 2001, co-founders Ethan Winer and Doug Ferrara saw an opportunity to revolutionize the acoustics industry. This revolution is evidenced by the numerous imitators that have come on the scene since then. Before RealTraps, small-room acoustics was mostly neglected or incorrectly approached. We were the first acoustic treatment company to put small rooms in the foreground, allowing the growing number of home-based studios to make their spaces sound fully professional.

At the time RealTraps began, the availability of quality commercial treatments was limited, and all options were at opposite ends of the value spectrum. At one end were ineffective products made from cheap materials that begin to degrade after a few years; at the other end were overpriced units sold more on perceived value than functionality. At that time, the only option for "The Sweet Spot" was to DIY - a community and an ethos we support to this day through our unprecedented participation in audio forums, helping people whether or not they buy our products. Ethan and Doug saw the need for superior but affordable acoustic treatment, and RealTraps was born.

In addition to the unsurpassed quality of our products, our pre- and post-sale advice and consulting adds even more value. Many people are unsure which products will serve them best given their room and budget. We'll tell you exactly what the best choices are, as well as where to place each item, as part of the purchasing process.

At RealTraps, we are committed to "The Sweet Spot" by building products as good as we can make them to perform well and last a lifetime, priced as cheap as possible to provide the highest value in the industry, shipped out as fast as possible.


It was good to see many of you at the recent New York Audio Show where we exhibited in several rooms including our friends at Red Wine Audio. For our New York and Pro Audio friends, we're exhibiting at the AES show October 17-20 with many of our popular products on display. Please stop by and say Hello! I'll be manning the RealTraps booth all four days of the show, with Ethan and Doug stopping by as well. All three of us will be glad to meet you, and answer any questions about our products.

See you next month!

James Lindenschmidt
General Manager, RealTraps

RealTraps is owned by Ethan Winer and Doug Ferrara. James Lindenschmidt, General Manager, handles the day-to-day operations outside of the factory. Ethan is known throughout the audio industry for his many technical articles in audio and computer magazines, and he has engineered and produced several classical music CDs, including a recording of his own cello concerto. Doug is a professional musician and recording engineer who holds an advanced degree in engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic, and is a member of the New York Academy of Sciences. Previously he was a systems engineer for Motorola. James has been listening to, playing, and recording music since he was a child, for nearly 30 years. His degree is in philosophy.

General product information:
Contact by email: Jim Lindenschmidt
By phone: toll-free 866-RealTraps (866-732-5872, local 860-210-1870)

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