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Sorry that it's been so long since we sent out a newsletter to our customers and followers! But that doesn't mean we haven't been active. So this newsletter contains links to some articles and other information you may have missed because they're not on the RealTraps web site.

As many of our customers know, acoustic treatment is widely misunderstood and often under-appreciated. Almost daily I see misinformation posted in audio forums and Facebook groups about bass traps and other treatment. Rather than type the same rebuttals again and again, I wrote two detailed articles that explain current professional thinking about acoustic treatment. I put both on my personal web site because each takes a gentle jab at an industry figure, which would be inappropriate for our business site.

The first one is Bass Trap Myths which compares broadband versus tuned traps, then explains why bass traps are better than EQ, why they're needed even if you have multiple subwoofers, and much more.

The second one - Early Reflections Are Not Beneficial - expands on our two earlier articles to debunk the common myth "you don't want your room to be too dead" using clear logic and science. Several related myths are also exposed along the way.

Finally, I'll wrap up with some photos of our recent install at media giant Live Nation. They came to us last year to design a no-holds-barred treatment plan for their brand new studio, and we were glad to oblige. Live Nation creative director GT Smith told us, "The room sounds awesome and we’ve had a lot of success recording case studies, filming content, and even had some artists record music. Overall, everyone who walks into the space is impressed by not only how it looks but how it sounds in there." Below are two photos from that project.

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Ethan Winer

RealTraps was founded in 2003 by Ethan Winer and Doug Ferrara, and is now owned and managed by longtime employee Sean Kollar. Sean handles the day-to-day operations at the factory, and Ethan still pitches in to help customers with technical and pre-sales advice by phone and email. Ethan is known throughout the audio industry for his technical articles in audio and computer magazines, and his popular book The Audio Expert published by Focal Press is now in its second edition.

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