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RealTraps News: New Stand Design, Stan Dubickas Rooms

In the face of rising inflation, RealTraps is helping our customers to save money with a new stand design. That, plus a fabulous RealTraps two-room home installation.

For many years RealTraps has offered two types of stands for situations where permanent mounting of our panels is not convenient or even possible. The RealTraps Stand lets you place panels anywhere in a room, where the less expensive Wall Stand is meant to lean against a wall or into a corner.

RealTraps Stand Wall Stand
The new RealTraps Stand at left is based on steel pipes rather than expensive thick steel feet and uprights. The Wall Stand at left is also made with steel pipes, and costs even less

Unfortunately, the price of steel has risen more than 140 percent since 2020. To continue selling the original RealTraps Stands we'd have to increase the price to $300 each! So we came up with a new stand design based on steel pipes, similar to Wall Stands. Even better, we were able to avoid a price increase.

The new RealTraps Stands come in two styles: The lightweight model is based on 3/4-inch pipes and is suitable for use with MicroTraps, MiniTraps, and RFZ Panels. The other model uses 1-inch pipes, needed to hold the extra weight of MondoTraps, Fat MondoTraps, and RealTraps Diffusers. The lighter model is actually $40 less at $99.99, and the heavier type is the same $139.99. You can see more details in the RealTraps Stand Assembly page.

Another change we made to avoid a price increase is to offer the stands unpainted in a satin steel finish, instead of powder coated in several colors. This new finish looks great for both RealTraps Stands and Wall Stands, and matches all of our frame and fabric colors perfectly.

Stan Dubickas

RealTraps recently treated two rooms for Stan Dubickas, an award-winning professional photographer who's also an audiophile with a keen set of ears. Stan was thrilled with the results, so we'll let him take over from here:

Dear Ethan, I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for helping us to design and implement a successful acoustical improvement in our home and music room using your RealTraps product line. Over six months ago we set up our audiophile sound system for the first time in our untreated great room. The music's reverberation and echoes that bounced around the open-style rooms were so literally painful to our ears that we disassembled the system and put it back in storage. The thought of our beautiful home being devoid of beautiful music was unthinkable.

Then I discovered RealTraps, a company that produces the highest quality, best looking, finest constructed and engineered sound treatments that I could find anywhere. As a bonus, you generously offered your time to help provide a system that would eliminate the offending "noise" inherent in our Southwest style adobe home. Our evenings are now spent grooving to the sounds of Rimsky-Korsakov, Pink Floyd, Patricia Barber, Miles Davis, and a myriad of others from our collection of over a thousand vinyl masterpieces. We cannot thank you enough for the joy you have brought into our home.

I would also like to share my appreciation for Sean Kollar for his incredible talent of building, packaging, and shipping the many varieties of your products. I have never seen such professional workmanship and care anywhere else, ever! --Stan Dubickas, Santa Fe, NM

Stan Dubickas Music Room

The Stan Dublickas music room stereo system.

Stan Dubickas Dining Area

RealTraps panels in the kitchen tame the echoes and improve clarity for dinner conversation.

RealTraps was founded in 2003 by Ethan Winer and Doug Ferrara, and is now owned and managed by longtime employee Sean Kollar. Sean handles the day-to-day operations at the factory, and Ethan still pitches in to help customers with technical and pre-sales advice by phone and email. Ethan is well known throughout the audio industry for his technical articles in audio and computer magazines, and his popular book The Audio Expert published by Focal Press is now in its second edition. Sean is amazing whether building RealTraps, or playing the drums and electric guitar.

General product information:
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