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"The Group Buy Program is also available in the US."





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Boat shipping is the least expensive way to transport our products overseas.




"We will get you the lowest possible shipping price."


The American dollar is at an all-time low, which means that our products are more affordable than ever in Europe and other countries outside the US. The only problem is the high cost of air shipping. Boat shipping costs far less, but is not practical for the quantities needed by most project studios.

Note that the Group Buy Program is also available within the US. Very large orders can ship by truck cheaper than FedEx, and the quantity discounts also apply. However, truck shipping is practical only for very large orders (at least 20 boxes).

The RealTraps Group Buy Program offers discounts and affordable shipping for people who get together with their friends to purchase our products in bulk. As an example of the savings you can expect, shipping small quantities of MiniTraps within the US costs as much as $30 per trap. But boat shipping to England in bulk is as low as $24 per trap, and that's before the quantity discount.

Here's how the program works - you get together with friends and colleagues to determine how many traps you all need, and we'll get you the lowest possible shipping price. The more traps you buy, the lower the shipping cost and the larger the discount. For 20 traps or more of any model our discount is 15 percent off the single unit price. For 50 traps or more the discount is 20 percent.

The sample shipping costs below are based on one pallet holding 18 MiniTraps. (Total pallet is 58 by 39 by 70 inches, 458 pounds, or 147 by 99 by 178 cm, 208 kg.) Other products fit differently on pallets. For example, three MicroTraps fit in the same box as two MiniTraps. So the table below gives you a good idea what to expect based on the delivered cost of MiniTraps.

Quantity Discount Estimated
Shipping Each
Estimated Total
Cost Each
20 MiniTraps 15 percent $31.28 $218.27
50 MiniTraps 20 percent $23.98 $199.97


We can ship to almost any port in the world, but shipping by boat takes about four weeks, versus less than one week by air. You will also have to retrieve the traps at the port, versus delivered to your door. Finally, we require payment by bank transfer rather than credit card to reduce our processing cost. Please contact us about other payment options. Note that the example prices above do not include Customs or VAT.

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