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Guilford MiniTraps are available in custom sizes, in two thicknesses, and they're as effective as they are attractive!

Guilford MiniTraps are part of our "spouse-friendly" product line that also includes Tri-Corners (discontinued) and MegaTraps. Guilford MiniTraps are built to the same high standards and with the same absorbing materials as MiniTraps and MondoTraps, but are wrapped with genuine Guilford of Maine FR 701 fabric on the front and four edges to blend with any decor.

Guilford MiniTraps are 2 by 4 feet [Metric: 61 x 122 cm], and come in two thicknesses - 4.75 inches thick [12 cm] for bass trapping and general broadband absorption, or 2.75 inches thick [7 cm] for reflection control. The thicker model weighs 21 pounds [10 kg] and the thinner types are 13 pounds [6 kg].

Like MiniTraps and MondoTraps, the 4.75 inch type is available in either the Standard style with a membrane for additional bass trapping, or the HF style for high frequency absorption such as behind dipole loudspeakers, at side-wall reflection points, or on a wall directly behind the listening position. The 2.75 inch model comes in the HF type only.

Guilford MiniTraps include hardware to mount them on a wall either vertically or horizontally. For corner bass trapping you'll use two adjacent in the corner, flat on the walls. This is more effective than one trap straddling a corner, and is also less instrusive visually. For maximum bass trapping you'll use two traps on each adjacent wall, one above the other, for a total of four traps per corner. This is shown in the drawings at left.

Because of the large number of colors available, Guilford MiniTraps are built to order. This takes 10 to 14 business days for the seven standard colors listed below, and may be longer for special-order colors, depending on the availability of those colors.

In addition to the 2 by 4 foot sizes, Guilford MiniTraps are also available in smaller custom sizes at no additional cost. Larger sizes are also available, up to 4 by 8 feet, but shipping such large panels is much more expensive. Please call or send us an email for a quote on custom sizes larger than 2 by 4 feet.

Please note that all Guilford MiniTraps are custom made and cannot be returned under our money back guarantee.

Guilford MiniTraps are available in seven standard colors as shown below. However, all 48 colors in the Guilford FR 701 series are available on special order. This Guilford Page shows all 48 available colors.

NOTE: Colors other than the seven shown below cost $20 additional per panel.

NOTE: When buying Guilford MiniTraps in non-stock colors, the minimum order is four pieces.

408 Black 556 Burgundy 153 Baltic 752 Lilac
381 Aquamarine 538 Silver 748 Bone

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