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Brian Lucey hard at work in his new room at Magic Garden Mastering, with treatment by RealTraps.
Photo by James Godwin.

Columbus, OH, USA - May 5, 2010 - Brian Lucey has just moved Magic Garden Mastering into a world class space in Columbus, Ohio. With the help of RealTraps, Lucey made a small room (12' x 21' x 8') compete with the best of the best for less than the cost of a full build out. He just mastered The Black Keys "Brothers," releasing internationally May 18th on Nonesuch (CD and Double LP) as well as new music for O.A.R., Sami Yusef, and a host of others.

According to Brian, "I prefer to work in an intimate space, and conventional wisdom says that a large room is needed to deal with a host of predictable issues. RealTraps Modular Room Kits, including Diffusor Modules and Mondo Modules, solves the difficulties inherent in small rooms and made setting up this room fast and easy. I couldn't be happier in here, and the transition from setting up to printing work was less than a day."

RealTraps MondoModules, HF MondoModules, and Diffusor Modules at Magic Garden Mastering.
Photo by James Godwin.

The design for the room uses Mondo Modules in all wall-wall, wall-ceiling, and wall-floor corners, HF Mondo Modules at the first reflection points, and Diffusor Modules in the rear of the room. There is additional treatment on the ceiling as needed. This strategy is outlined in detail in the video Hearing Is Believing on the RealTraps website.

Brian Lucey's MGMastering clients include: The Black Keys, O.A.R., International singer-songwriter Sami Yusef, Reed Waddle, DW Drums, pianist Dick Halligan (Blood Sweat and Tears), guitarist Chris Poland (Megadeth, OHM), singer / songwriter / bassist Danyel Morgan (Robert Randolph and the Family Band), producer David Francolini (Bristol, UK), Jessica Lea Mayfield, Danya River and producer / mixer Michael Hynes.

For more information about how to integrate the RealTraps Modular Kits solution into your studio or listening room, contact Jim Lindenschmidt via email or toll-free 866-RealTraps (866-732-5872, local 860-210-1870)

RealTraps is owned by Ethan Winer and Doug Ferrara. James Lindenschmidt, General Manager, handles the day-to-day operations outside of the factory. Ethan is known throughout the audio industry for his many technical articles in audio and computer magazines, and he has engineered and produced several classical music CDs, including a recording of his own cello concerto. Doug is a professional musician and recording engineer who holds an advanced degree in engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic, and is a member of the New York Academy of Sciences. Previously he was a systems engineer for Motorola. James has been listening to, playing, and recording music since he was a child, for nearly 30 years. His degree is in philosophy.

General product information:
Contact by email: Jim Lindenschmidt
By phone: toll-free 866-RealTraps (866-732-5872, local 860-210-1870)

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