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Tony Maserati Comes Home With RealTraps

New Milford, CT, USA - September 30, 2014 - Tony Maserati is one of the most in-demand recording engineers in the world, having mixed mega-hits for Robin Thicke, Pink!, Alicia Keys, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, and many other high profile artists. Tony has also been a loyal RealTraps customer for many years, since we first helped him with his home studio in upstate New York in 2005. That room served him well for many years, and he mixed a lot of records there. However, as time went on Tony found himself spending more time in LA. He ended up moving all of his gear - including his RealTraps - to the west coast, which remains his base of operations with his company Mirrorball Entertainment.

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Over the past few years, Tony decided he wanted to spend more time back east. His property there is a beautiful place, set in the mountains of upstate New York, so it was easy to see why he wanted to spend more time there.

"I had decided that I needed to be able to come here, and be in my natural setting that exists here, and get away from the city thing." Tony said. "It allows me to be closer to family. We can spend time here, and I don't have to stop working. I work in the evenings and on weekends without any problem. I have an Internet connection and that's all I need."

Indeed, upon entering Tony's studio, one is struck by the lack of gear. The room consists of only 2 pairs of speakers, amplifiers to drive them, a nice monitor controller, and an empty desk where Tony puts his laptop. But the most important feature of the room is not his gear inside; it's about the space. The essence of the recording studio has always been about the space. In this era of portable audio, one needs an environment that's conducive to audio production. This usually means a good sounding room that lets you hear accurately, and is comfortable and inspiring, as well as the gear needed to get the job done.

Tony's room no longer has racks of gear and a big analog console. Tony works entirely in the box in this studio, mostly for recall ability and agility. I asked Tony if he mixes entirely in the box these days, or if he still runs mixes through his analog gear back in LA. "That's a good question," Tony said. "Mixes do often need to go through my analog setup there, but there are quite a number of projects where the timelines are so fast, and there are a tremendous amount of updates with new files so quickly. I need to be able to bring these mixes up anywhere; I can't be tied down to a piece of analog gear. So I make my choices based on how solid I know the project is."

When Tony first contacted us when he started to rebuild his New York mix room, I was admittedly excited to tell him about the new products we've released since he set up his room the last time. The newer products can give even better results. I was a bit surprised that Tony didn't seem terribly interested in newer, better acoustics; he simply replicated his previous setup using our MiniTraps and MondoTraps. These remain our most cost-effective products, and Tony's proven history with them ended up being the deciding factor. Clearly even our baseline products are good enough for a world class mixer!

"I do a lot of promotion for RealTraps," Tony said. "I just like your stuff. It works. And so much of what's happening in today's studios is this: a guy trying to make a living, a producer trying to write songs and make a living, and RealTraps really help. Obviously, because I've now bought two sets of them. When friends of mine build a studio, I tell them to call Jim and Ethan, they'll tell you what you need. I don't know what you need, I ask you guys because that's what you do."

Tony's reliance on RealTraps is paying dividends in terms of completing his space. "I had a moment the other day," Tony explained. "My assistant brought in the speakers and an amp and we fired it up for the first time since we rebuilt the room. I started working, and I just smiled from ear to ear because it sounded exactly the way it used to sound, when I mixed a lot of records in this room. I just started smiling, and thought 'this is gonna work.'"

For Tony, it was like coming home.

James Lindenschmidt
General Manager, RealTraps

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