RealTraps - Wall Stand Assembly

Fast and easy, using only a screwdriver


RealTraps Wall Stands are very easy to assemble, as shown in the following photo essay. Note that these stands may be used with all RealTraps products, but only when leaning against a wall or into a corner. For this example we'll use a RealTraps RFZ Panel, but the procedure is identical for all of our traps and panels.

Wall Stands ship with the "stop bolt" already attached to the inner pole, so all you have to do is slide one pole piece into the other. The pre-attached felt allows the two pieces to mate and slide smoothly.

NOTE: In April 2009 we switched to a newer method of attaching the outer and inner poles using an electrical conduit clamp. This is shown in the photo at left, and differs from some of the other photos on this page. The clamp is attached at our factory to the painted outer pole, so all you have to do is insert the bare metal inner pole and tighten the upper screw. WARNING: DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN.
It helps to have a clean table surface to work on.
Next attach the four included radiator hose clamps to the outer-most tabs on the trap, and tighten the clamp's screw one or two turns (only). Top
After all four hose clamps are in place, slide the upper portion of each stand leg into each pair of clamps and tighten the clamps securely. Note the horizontal orientation of the screw, which prevents it from scratching your walls.
This photo shows the rear of the RFZ panel with the stand legs attached, so you can see the entire assembly in context. Top

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