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James Lindenschmidt, General Manager of RealTraps, here with the February newsletter. We hope everyone is weathering the winter storms well. We in New England are buried under a few feet of snow! In fact, our factory was shut down for several days as a result of Nemo, though we are back up and running as of today. Those of you waiting for orders rest assured we are working hard to get them shipped to you ASAP.


This month's customer testimonial comes from Mark Garrison of Sound Garrison Recording Studio:

"It's not as easy to get excited about room treatment as it is to get excited about a new microphone or compressor. But in an effort to get my mix room to have as flat a response as possible for a room of its size, I decided I needed more absorption. Up to this point I've built every single absorber in the studio, using a variety of materials, techniques and designs. For awhile it felt like life was nothing but building absorbers. My family began to wonder if I had developed a disorder, possibly as a result of inhaling the aerosol spray glue I sometimes used during their construction! But I am certain that each and every absorber is needed.

But measurements taken over the summer indicated that more was needed in the mix room, and I wasn't convinced another home crafted absorber was going to cut it, nor was I enthusiastic about building more absorbers. So off to the Internet I went. While I had never ordered from him, I'd read many of Ethan Winer's writings on room treatment and decided to purchase some of his RealTraps. Well, I just received and installed them, and I couldn't be more pleased.

On occasion, I've seen folks diss Ethan's work on some audio forums, claiming the traps are not as effective as claimed. Some have said that the traps are not very aesthetically pleasing (admittedly, the RealTraps website does not present the most flattering photographs of their products). But both assertions are false - they are effective and great looking. They came well packaged (diffusors I had ordered from another company came damaged), with an excellent set of hardware to support their installation, not to mention a great installation guide. They are extremely well made (far better than some other acoustic treatments I have seen). And, the folks I spoke to at RealTraps were great - talking me out of a more expensive product they felt I did not need.

Thanks for blogging your thoughts about your RealTraps experience, Mark!


February 2013 marks the 10-year anniversary of The Station Fire in which 100 people tragically lost their lives in the fourth-deadliest nightclub fire in US history in West Warwick, RI. This anniversary underscores the importance of fire safety in the music world with regard to acoustic treatment, since the foam treatments installed at The Station were implicated in the rapid spread of the flames. We at RealTraps encourage everyone who installs acoustic treatment - whether they make their own, buy from us, or buy from another manufacturer - to make sure their treatments are safe, preferably with a Class A Fire rating. If you'd like to help the families of the victims, please support The Station Family Fund or The Station Fire Memorial Foundation.


This month, we have a variety of MondoTrap Seconds available in a few different colors. (A "second" means it may have minor cosmetic flaws such as a scratch on the metal frame or a seam in the fabric, but it is still fully functional.) We are blowing them out at $249.99 each, with no minimum purchase. Quantities are limited, so contact us quickly if you'd like to reserve a few. This offer is good until February 28, 2013.

See you next month!

James Lindenschmidt
General Manager, RealTraps

RealTraps is owned by Ethan Winer and Doug Ferrara. James Lindenschmidt, General Manager, handles the day-to-day operations outside of the factory. Ethan is known throughout the audio industry for his many technical articles in audio and computer magazines, and he has engineered and produced several classical music CDs, including a recording of his own cello concerto. Doug is a professional musician and recording engineer who holds an advanced degree in engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic, and is a member of the New York Academy of Sciences. Previously he was a systems engineer for Motorola. James has been listening to, playing, and recording music since he was a child, for nearly 30 years. His degree is in philosophy.

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