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MondoTraps offer more low frequency absorption than any other bass trap available. Note that the stand shown in the photo above is an extra-cost option.

Photo by Jay Munro


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MondoTraps and Corner MondoTraps offer more low frequency absorption than any other bass trap of its size. (Only MegaTraps are better.) As you can see on the Product Data page, MondoTraps absorb twice as much as MiniTraps below 100 Hz, and proportionally more above 100 Hz too. When very high performance at low frequencies matters more than anything else, MondoTraps are the obvious choice.

Corner MondoTraps are very similar to regular MondoTraps except they have beveled sides to fit more nicely into a corner to hide the edges. Even though the panel is a full four inches thick, the rear portion telescopes into the corner so it appears only one inch thick. This is a cosmetic difference only. The drawing at right shows the top view of a Corner MondoTrap so you can see the shape.

Standard MondoTraps and Corner MondoTraps are 2 feet wide by 4'-9" tall by 4-1/4 inches thick, and weigh 17 pounds. [Metric: 61 x 145 x 11 cm, 8 kg]

We also offer alternate versions that are 6 inches thick. The 2x4 foot Fat MondoTrap (same price) weighs 20 pounds [Metric: 61 x 122 x 15 cm, 9 kg] and is ideal where a full-height MondoTrap won't fit. A smaller 2x2 foot version (12 pounds) [Metric: 61 x 61 x 15 cm, 5.5 kg] is also available, but this smaller trap is meant to rest on the floor rather than hang on a wall or ceiling, so this version does not have a mounting bar in the rear. Note: the 6-inch thick Fat models are not available in the corner style with beveled edges.

The optional stand shown at left lets you avoid permanent wall mounting, or easily move them around as needed. Corner MondoTraps mount just like regular MondoTraps, but for stand mounting they fit best with Wall Stands rather than our regular stands as shown here. Note that MondoTraps are not suitable for mounting on microphone stands because of their large size and weight.

Besides the standard bass trap version, all MondoTraps are also available in an HF version when more absorption at mid and high frequencies is required.

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