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RFZ panels (left) have a beveled front, and are proportioned better than typical 2 by 4 foot panels for treating first reflections. Click any of these images to see a larger version.

RealTraps RFZ panels are a perfect way to treat the first reflection points on the side walls and ceiling. They have a beveled front surface for an attractive appearance, and can be mounted securely flat on a wall either vertically or horizontally.

Their 32 by 42 inch size also creates a larger Reflection-Free Zone than typical 2 by 4 foot panels. First reflections are described in more detail in the Room Setup and RFZ articles, and instructions are given for determining the specific location of the reflection points.

The following instructions explain how to mount RFZ panels securely, using the included wall anchors and J-clips. We also include picture wire and D-rings if you'd rather hang them using wire. However, the method described here is usually preferred because the panels will remain straight over time, and will also be perfectly flush with the wall.

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RFZ panels come with two wall anchors and two plain screws, in addition to the J mounting clips. If you're lucky enough to have a stud behind the wall where the mounting holes are needed you can use a sheet rock screw. Otherwise use a wall anchor.

Mark the wall for the wall anchors or screws using a tape measure and pencil. The mark should be about two inches below where you want the top of the panel. We recommend that you measure and mark the first location, then use a level to mark the second as shown at left. The marks should be at least 20 inches apart, though the exact spacing is not critical.

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Next, screw in each wall anchor putting the screw through the lower hole in the J-clip and attach it to the wall as shown here.

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The photo at left shows how the J-clips tuck under the frame of the RFZ panel. Do not insert the clips this way! The purpose of this photo is just so you can see how the panel attaches, and what happens behind the panel after it's hanging. Top

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Finally, push the panel gently against the wall and drop it down carefully and slowly until the J-clips are fully seated behind the panel's frame. Top
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And there you have it! Top

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