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RealTraps Products

Complete details of our product line



Real membrane bass traps having outstanding broadband absorption
Far more effective than other treatments at low frequencies
Very affordable - see the Prices page for complete details
Portable and easy to install - no messy glue or permanent wall damage
Non-flammable - Class A fire rating
Standard mounting hardware included with most products




"Sound is 50 percent of the motion picture experience"
--George Lucas


RealTraps are real membrane bass traps that also absorb mid and high frequencies. This makes them a total solution for recording studios, listening rooms, home theaters, restaurants, auditoriums - anywhere economical yet very high performance acoustic treatment is required.

Each product is described briefly on this page below, with links to more detailed explanations and photos. These Quick Links go directly to the products on this page below:

All of our products are relatively small and lightweight, so they're easy to handle and can be shipped economically. They mount easily with picture wire or on stands without glue or permanent wall damage. They can be mounted vertically or horizontally as space permits, or high up on a wall or ceiling to be out of the way. And since most RealTraps products are made with rigid fiberglass and metal, they're non-flammable and can be installed with confidence in public venues.

All products meant to be attached to a wall or ceiling include mounting hardware as shown on the various Installation Guides. MiniTraps, MondoTraps and Diffusors come with 10 feet of picture wire, 2 wall anchors, 2 D-rings, and 2 wood screws. The wall anchors are meant for standard sheet rock up to 7/8 inch thick, or you can use the wood screws if you have access to a stud behind the wall. For 2 by 2 foot MiniTraps we instead provide a pair of springs and a cable tie. RFZ Panels come with a pair of J clips and wall anchors for mounting flat on a wall. We also offer two types of rigid mounting brackets as an extra-cost option as described in the Mounting Accessories section below.

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Most RealTraps are available with white, wheat, gray, or black fabric as shown at left. Both white and wheat panels have the same wheat colored frame for continuity, since it's common to have wheat traps on the walls and white on the ceiling. Gray panels can have either a wheat or black frame. Exact colors may vary slightly. Most panels are available in two styles - for bass trapping (Standard), or for reflection control (High Frequency type). Standard traps are intentionally semi-reflective at mid and high frequencies, and the HF types trade slightly less bass trapping for maximum absorption above 200 Hz. Top

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MiniTraps are our most popular product because they offer great value. Despite their relatively small size these are real performers having exceptional absorption at low frequencies. MiniTraps perform far better than anything else in their price range, and better than products that cost a lot more too! Available in 2x4 and 2x2 foot sizes.

Learn more about MiniTraps. Top


MondoTraps and Corner MondoTraps offer more low frequency absorption than any other bass trap of its size. (Only MegaTraps are better.) As you can see on the Product Data page, MondoTraps absorb twice as much as MiniTraps below 100 Hz, and proportionally more above 100 Hz too. When very high performance at low frequencies matters more than anything else, MondoTraps are the obvious choice. Four models are available including two that are slightly shorter and thicker to compensate.

Learn more about MondoTraps. Top

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MicroTraps are similar to MiniTraps except thinner, and their absorption does not extend to as low a frequency. MicroTraps are ideal for placing at the first reflections points in a listening room, or wherever general mid and high frequency absorption is needed. For example, to tame reflections in a vocal booth, or for reducing ambience and echoes at speech frequencies in large live spaces such as noisy bars, restaurants, and factories. Available in 2x4 and 2x2 foot sizes.

Learn more about MicroTraps. Top


The RealTraps Diffuser is an extremely clever product, and it has fast become one of our best sellers. This unique design marries a high performance bass trap with a genuine "well" diffuser that's effective down to the low midrange. It transitions from diffusion to absorption over the range between 400 to 800 Hz. The RealTraps Diffuser can be easily installed on a wall or ceiling using the supplied hardware, or mounted without harming the wall using either of our attractive stand models.

Learn more about Diffusers. Top


RealTraps RFZ panels are the perfect way to treat the first reflection points on the side walls and ceiling. They have a beveled front surface for an attractive appearance, and their 32x42 inch size also creates a larger Reflection-Free Zone than typical 2x4 foot panels.

Learn more about RFZ Panels. Top

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MegaTraps absorb more, and to lower frequencies, than any other bass trap product ever made at any price. MegaTraps are meant for corner placement only, and boast a front face nearly three feet wide. When stacked from floor to ceiling, they fill the corner completely for maximum absorption.

Learn more about MegaTraps. Top


The RealTraps Portable Vocal Booth provides an elegant and affordable way to capture dry, clear sounding vocals, even in locations that are less than ideal acoustically. This clever device mounts on any microphone boom stand, or use it without a stand on a table top or other flat surface. Click the link below to see how effective the RealTraps Portable Vocal Booth really is. Sometimes size really does matter!

Learn more about the PVB. Top


The RealTraps Carrel is the ideal desk-top solution for capturing clear, dry sounding voice-over recordings in almost any space. It's also great for creating a totally private noise-free environment for busy offices, libraries, study rooms, telephone call centers, and testing labs.

Learn more about the Carrel. Top


GoboTraps consist of a GoboTrap Carriage with wheels with either two or three HF style MiniTraps. The traps are stacked sideways on the carriage to create a gobo that's four feet wide, and two or three traps can be attached for a total height of either four or six feet. The GoboTrap carriage hovers very low to the floor to minimize sound leakage, and the wheels are large enough to roll easily on thick carpet or over wires.

Learn more about GoboTraps. Top

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MiniGobos are lightweight, attractive, and affordable. They're available in many sizes and configurations to favor either isolation, bass trapping, or broadband absorption. MiniGobos use hinges to join two or more panels together as a single unit that's stable, easy to handle, and self-supporting. They're also ideal as portable room treatment because no permanent mounting is required.

Learn more about MiniGobos. Top


We offer eight types of ceiling tile as an affordable and attractive alternative to hanging bass traps and RFZ panels from a grid ceiling. These are essentially the same as standard and HF MiniTraps but without the metal frames. All sizes are available in any of our standard colors. RealTraps ceiling tiles are available in both 2x2 and 2x4 foot sizes, 1.5 or 3 inches thick, and in Standard or HF types for either bass trapping or reflection control. See the Prices page for a table of sizes, weights, and prices.

Learn more about Ceiling Tiles. Top

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RealTraps offers a number of discounted full and partial (modular) Room Kits for a variety of situations and budgets.

Learn more about Room Kits. Top

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RealTraps Stands and Wall Stands offer an attractive way to mount any of our products for easy portability, and they're more stable than using standard microphone stands as described in the How To section of our site.

Learn more about RealTraps Stands.

The RealTraps Stand at left shown holding a MiniTrap can be adjusted over a wide range of panel heights. This model is free-standing letting it be used anywhere in a room. Assembly instructions are shown HERE.

The Wall Stand shown at right with an RFZ panel is intended to lean into a corner or against a wall. It too can be adjusted over a range of panel heights. Wall Stand assembly is HERE.

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For your convenience we now sell two types of rigid mounting kits.

Learn more about Mounting Accessories. Top

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Besides free expert advice on the use of our products, we also offer paid acoustic consulting, advice on DIY projects, and room layout services. Our standard rate is $200 per hour for phone and email consulting. In many cases the consulting fees can be applied to a subsequent purchase of RealTraps products. Onsite visits are available for an additional travel charge, though that portion is not applied to a future purchase. Please call or email us with your specific requirements. Note that product suggestions and advice are always free. Top

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