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MiniTraps and MicroTraps can be easily mounted on any tripod-base microphone stand using regular radiator hose clamps like the one shown at right. This is a great solution for people who prefer not to attach MiniTraps permanently to their walls, or when a door or other obstruction prevents mounting a trap in a corner the usual way. Stand mounting also makes it easy to create a small acoustically dead area in a larger room, for example to surround a guitar amplifier, or to create a temporary vocal booth as shown below. Top

Click to see a larger version Click to see a larger version
These instructions use photos of a MicroTrap, but MiniTraps are handled exactly the same way.

Begin by laying the trap face down on a clean floor or carpet. Extend the microphone stand fully, and collapse its legs so it lies flat. Top

Insert the hose clamps through the extruded holes on the mounting bars, then insert the mic stand as shown at left. Note that these photos show an older model MicroTrap that has a tab rather than a raised extrusion. But the principle is the same, and the newer style is even easier to work with. Top
This photo shows a close-up of the hose clamp attaching to the mounting bar and mic stand. Top
Finally, tighten the screws on the hose clamps securely. We used a power screwdriver, but a manual type works just as well.

When you pick up the assembly grab the trap, not the stand. Then open up the stand's legs and place it on the floor.

All done! Easy, right? Top

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