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Now this is the way to treat a corner! Click any of these images to see a larger version.

This product is now discontinued, but these installation instructions still apply for mounting 2x2 MiniTraps.

RealTraps Tri-Corners are the ideal complement for MiniTraps and MondoTraps mounted straddling corners. Besides treating more of the room's total surface, they're a good choice when appearance concerns prevent placing traps along the length of wall-ceiling corner.

The photos and text that follow explain how to install RealTraps Tri-Corner traps using the supplied springs and cable tie. Hanging a bass trap in front of a tri-corner may seem an impossible task, because the trap itself prevents getting your hands behind it! Fortunately, we devised a clever method that is not too difficult, even for one person. However, it is easier if you have a helper to hold the trap while you attach it.

These traps can also be placed in the tri-corners where two walls meet the floor. In that case there's nothing to hang, though if your room doesn't have carpet you may need to put some foam sticky tape on the bottom edge to keep it from sliding down. This foam tape is the type meant for sealing drafty windows, and is commonly available at hardware stores.

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Tri-Corner and 2 by 2 foot MiniTraps come with a Molly bolt and a plain screw. Most rooms have studs behind the walls in every corner, so you can use a sheet rock screw as shown here. Otherwise use the Molly bolt. Using Molly bolts is described in more detail on the Installing MiniTraps and Rigid Mounting pages. Either way, put the screw through the D-ring and screw it in all the way. Top

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Tri-Corner traps come with two springs to hold the trap in place. The short spring is attached at our factory for your convenience. But we can't attach the longer spring because it won't fit inside the packaging, so you'll have to attach that spring yourself. This is not difficult - simply slip the loop at the end of the spring around the raised portion of the trap. Top

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To reduce the chance of scratching up your walls we suggest using masking tape to attach the box corner bumpers to the trap, as shown here. This is not strictly necessary if you're careful handling the trap, and is suggested only as a precaution. Top

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Attach the longer spring to the D-ring as shown. This spring serves as a "third hand" while you're working, to keep the trap from falling to the floor while you use both hands for the remaining operations. Top

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The cable tie and short spring are what actually hold the trap in place. Slip the pointed end of the cable tie through the D-ring as shown. It may seem that the direction shown is backwards, but trust us on this. Only one cable tie is needed to install a Tri-corner trap, but we include an extra in case you make a mistake and have to cut the tie and try again. Top

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This next step is the key part of the process. Thread the cable tie through the D-ring, then down and through the loop at the end of the short spring. Next, pull it upward and thread the tip into the mating slot at the other end of the cable tie. Continue to pull on the tip end of the cable tie to tighten the tie, while you guide the trap into the corner.

You may have to rotate the trap left and right a bit until it's straight. Then keep tightening the cable tie, rotating the loop upward as needed to keep the "nub" at the top near the D-ring. Top

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This is what the trap looks like once the cable tie has been pulled tightly and the trap is in its final position. Top

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Finally, snip the cable tie and push the end behind the trap so it doesn't show. Top

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And there you have it!

Thanks to George Hoenninger for the photo below of his fabulous 2-channel setup. Top

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