RealTraps - Wall Stand Assembly

Fast and easy, using only a screwdriver

The instructions on this page are for Wall Stands sold since the middle of 2012. If you have the older style stands with two separate pole pieces, see THESE instructions instead.
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RealTraps Wall Stands are very easy to assemble, as shown in the following photo essay. Note that these stands may be used with all RealTraps panel products, but only when leaning against a wall or into a corner.

For this example we'll use a RealTraps "Fat" MondoTrap, but the procedure is identical for all of our traps and panels. The detail photo at left shows the hose clamps you'll use to attach the stand legs to the trap, and the photo below it at left shows the finished assembly.

Wall Stand Assembly
Place the trap face down on a clean surface, than lay the stand legs on top as shown.
Wall Stand Assembly
Slide all four hose clamps through the slots on the trap's mounting bar as shown.
Wall Stand Assembly
This is what the legs look like just before the hose clamps are tightened.
Wall Stand Assembly
Squeeze the hose clamp together and then tighten gently. The clamp should be tight enough not to slide around or rotate, but no tighter. Note the horizontal orientation of the screw, which prevents it from sticking out and scratching your walls.

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