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"If you're reading this, chances are you arrived here due to Ethan's hard work evangelizing about small-room acoustics."


Audio gear is fun to discuss, but nothing will improve your listening experience as much as good room acoustics. These days, even modest audio gear can produce jaw-dropping sound quality if the room itself sounds good.

At RealTraps we devote a huge amount of our resources to educating the public about the importance of acoustics, whether or not they are potential customers for our products. We have produced scores of non-commercial educational articles and videos for our web site, and we spend a lot of time in audio forums to promote understanding of acoustics to the public. Although we often link to educational pages on our web site in forum posts, we never mention our products unless asked specifically. We are there to educate, not promote our business.


RealTraps co-owner Ethan Winer has been a professional audio engineer and musician for more than 40 years. Over the years, Ethan has arguably done more than anyone else to promote the importance of acoustic treatment. If you're reading this, chances are good you arrived here due to Ethan's hard work evangelizing about small-room acoustics. Even though Ethan is in the business of selling acoustic treatment products, he feels so strongly about the importance of acoustics that he gladly spends much of his personal time helping people build their own treatment. Ethan's non-commercial Acoustics FAQ contains extensive DIY information, and receives more than 10,000 views per month. He also runs his own Audo Expert Forum.

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