RealTraps - Stand Assembly

Fast and easy, using only a screwdriver

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This product is now discontinued, but many people still have these stands and may need to refer to these instructions.

RealTraps Stands are very easy to assemble, as shown following. Note that these stands may be used with all RealTraps products. Click any of the photos to see a larger version.

First, put the MiniTrap or other panel face down on a level surface such as a table top, preferably with a cardboard sheet or blanket to protect both the trap and the table.

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If you don't have a table that's large enough, you can place the panel on a chair or couch as shown at left.
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Next, rest the two leg sections on top of the MiniTrap's back so the holes in the stand align with the threaded inserts in the MiniTrap. You can adjust the MiniTrap height over a wide range depending on which stand holes you use. Then insert four threaded 8-32 x 3/8" machine screws (supplied) through the stand holes and into the inserts. Tighten each screw all the way, then back it out one turn. This leaves enough "wiggle" so you can easily attach the base separator.
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Finally, attach the stand's base separator with the four remaining screws as shown below. You can tighten these screws fully, then tighten the other screws fully too. Once all the screws are secure simply lift the assembly by the MiniTrap and place it in the room.
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The photos at left show the newer stand style we are now shipping, so you can see how the upright members attach to the stand base.
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These photos show an assembled stand holding an RFZ panel, to see the finished assembly in context. The right photo shows the clip-on drop light used behind the traps in the Room Setup video on our Videos page. These lights are readily available at hardware stores, and work well with low-wattage bulbs to get a nice glow behind the traps. The folded paper towel over the bulb diffuses the light to avoid shadows.

NOTE: RFZ Panels can be mounted on RealTraps stands sideways. However, in that case only the top two screws are attached. This works well in practice, and is still stable. However, if you prefer to increase the stability even more we recommend using two heavy-duty nylon cable ties to attach the bottom mounting bar of the RFZ Panel to the stand. Top

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