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Rigid Mounting Made Easy

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Rigid mounting takes only a little more effort than using a single piece of picture wire, but it's much more secure. And the traps will always hang perfectly straight! Click the image for a larger version.

For your convenience we now sell two types of rigid mounting kits.

POST BASE KIT: Metal post bases (shown at right) are used to mount MiniTraps, MondoTraps, MicroTraps, and Diffusors parallel to a wall or ceiling with a 4-inch air gap for increased low frequency performance. They can also be used to mount panels rigidly on a door as shown at left.

Each Post Base Kit includes post bases to mount one trap or diffusor, as well as two types of wall fasteners (Molly bolts and wood screws) so you can use whichever is appropriate. For wall and door mounting, the kits include three Post Bases and three fastener pairs. For ceiling or horizontal wall mounting, a kit includes four pieces of each. Detailed mounting instructions are shown on the Rigid Mounting page.

RFZ CEILING KIT: RFZ panels include hangers for mounting securely to a wall without an air gap, so the Post Base Kit is not needed for those. However, for mounting RFZ panels on a ceiling without wires we offer the RFZ Ceiling Kit (not shown). It is similar in concept to the Post Base Kit, but with custom metal pieces meant specifically for attaching to RFZ panels. Each RFZ Ceiling Kit includes a pair of custom brackets to mount one RFZ panel, plus two types of wall fasteners (Molly bolts and wood screws). Detailed mounting instructions are shown on the RFZ Ceiling Mounting page.

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