The RealTraps Carrel

Your own portable private office!

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Also see our related product the RealTraps PVB.

The RealTraps Carrel is the ideal desk-top solution for capturing clear, dry sounding voice-over recordings in almost any space. It's also great for creating a totally private noise-free environment for busy offices, libraries, study rooms, telephone call centers, and testing labs. Unlike typical carrels that offer only isolation, the RealTraps Carrel also absorbs ambient sounds making the enclosed space even quieter.

The RealTraps Carrel is similar to our Portable Vocal Booth, but adds a third 2 by 2 foot hinged panel [Metric: 61 x 61 x 3.5 cm] instead of the PVB's microphone stand mounting base. The expanded size creates an even larger protected area than the PVB. This carrel is solidly constructed (17 pounds), and perfectly stable, letting it free-stand nicely on a table or any flat surface. The bottom is covered with felt to prevent scratching.

One of the three absorbing panels can be easily removed, letting you use the RealTraps Carrel as a Portable Vocal Booth on a microphone stand. This requires purchasing the metal mic stand mounting hardware for our Portable Vocal Booth, sold separately for $50 additional.

Available fabric colors are black, white, wheat, and gray, though the metal frame portion comes in black only.

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