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MicroTraps are ideal for reflection points, vocal booths, churches and auditoriums, or anywhere else mid and high frequency reflections need to be tamed.

MicroTraps are similar to MiniTraps except thinner, and their absorption does not extend to as low a frequency. MicroTraps are ideal for placing at the first reflections points in a listening room, or wherever general mid and high frequency absorption is needed. For example, to tame reflections in a vocal booth or for overall ambience reduction at speech frequencies in large live spaces such as noisy bars, restaurants, and factories.

First reflections are described in more detail in the Room Setup and RFZ articles, and instructions are given for determining the specific location of the reflection points.

MicroTraps are 2 by 4 feet by 1-1/4 inch thick, and weigh 8 pounds. [Metric: 61 x 122 x 3.5 cm, 3.5 kg] They are available in the High Frequency type only since that is their main purpose. They also attach easily to microphone stands as shown in the photo at left below, or you can use our RealTraps Stands. This is a great solution for apartment dwellers who can't mount anything to the walls permanently. Stand mounting also lets you create a temporary vocal booth as shown, use the same traps in different places within a room to change the acoustics, or even use the same traps in different rooms as needed.

In addition to the 2 by 4 foot size, MicroTraps are also available in a 2 by 2 foot model (6 pounds) when the larger size panel will not fit. [Metric: 61 x 61 x 3.5 cm, 3 kg]

Most RealTraps products include hardware to mount them on a wall or ceiling. If you intend to mount your MicroTraps on microphone stands, please let us know when ordering and we'll include that hardware instead.

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