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This 2x2 MiniGobo helps keep unwanted sound from getting into the microphone, and lowers the amplifier's volume out in the room.
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The hinged MiniTraps above left add substantial bass trapping in any room. Use a ficus tree or similar as shown for visual appeal. The hinged MicroTraps at right are perfect for reflection points, especially in front of a permanent fixture such as a fireplace or book shelf. Any number of MiniGobos can be joined, as shown below.
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MiniGobos are a lightweight solution to portable isolation in recording studios. MiniGobos are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to favor either isolation, bass trapping, or broadband absorption. MiniGobos are based on our standard line of GoboTraps that feature an isolating barrier either on one side or in the middle. MiniGobos are also available as standard MiniTraps, MicroTraps, or MondoTraps with no barrier. All models provide hinges to join two or more panels together as a single unit that's stable, easy to handle, and self-supporting. Best of all, the same panels can be used when recording, and again in the control room when mixing.

As gobos in a recording studio they can be placed around instruments and guitar amplifiers to prevent sound from getting into microphones meant for other instruments, and vice versa. For most gobo applications we recommend the HF style MiniGobo, which is absorbent on both sides and has a barrier in the middle for increased isolation. However, we can also build MiniGobos with the reflective barrier on either side, or no barrier at all if you prefer. Even with no barrier they still provide plenty of isolation, and they're also more effective as bass traps or reflection panels in the control room when mixing.

Most of the panels in the MiniGobo series use lift-off hinges as shown at right. This offers a highly flexible and modular configuration - the hinges can be joined and separated easily for portability, and any number of panels may be connected in series as shown surrounding the marimba and drum set in the photos below.

As bass traps or broadband absorbers, MiniGobos are an attractive and portable room treatment solution that avoids the need for stands or wall mounting. (For this use we do not recommend the internal sound blocking barrier.) Simply place the hinged panels at right angles in each corner for bass trapping, or in a shallow "V" at reflection points as shown at left. For corner bass traps you'll use standard style MiniTraps or MondoTraps. And for reflection points you'll instead use HF style panels - either MicroTraps, HF MiniTraps, or HF MondoTraps.



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2x2 MiniGobos are highly effective for isolation when placed around a small guitar amplifier. Adding another panel on top increases the isolation further.



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2x4 MiniGobos are ideal for isolating larger instruments such as congas, or a string bass, as shown above.



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Here, four 2x4 MicroGobos are connected to form a single absorbing barrier four feet high and eight feet long. You can easily connect any number of MiniGobos or MicroGobos to totally surround even the largest drum set.

Special thanks to Grekim Jennings (seen playing above) for letting us use his beautiful Acoustic Refuge recording and music teaching studios in Easton, CT to take these photos.

The shorter 2x2 MiniGobos and MicroGobos use a piano hinge identical to the Portable Vocal Booth. In fact, a 2x2 MicroGobo is a PVB, but without the additional hardware to mount it to a microphone stand. The taller models instead use lift-off hinges as shown above.

Bass traps and broadband absorber models have hinges in the middle "V" section only. When used as gobos in studios we can add hinges at both sides so any number of panels can be connected in a chain. The additional hinges are omitted from the room treatment versions simply for appearance.

The optional isolating barrier is available for 3- and 4-inch thick panels only.

All of the panels in the MiniGobo series are priced as described on our Prices page, plus $30 per piano hinge or pair of lift-off hinges. For example, a 2x2 MicroGobo with no barrier comprises two 2x2 MicroTraps plus one piano hinge permanently attached, so the cost is $30 more than two 2x2 MicroTraps. Traps with hinge pairs at both ends to allow chaining multiple units together cost $30 more per panel.

Assembly feature: The hinge pairs are offset slightly to make them easier to join - the top hinges mate 1/8 inch higher than the bottom hinges. This way you can join the panels one hinge at a time rather than have to line up both hinges at once.

Available fabric colors are White, Wheat, Gray, and Black. Frame color are wheat and black. Because we offer so many custom configurations, MiniGobos are built to order and take an extra two to three days to ship.

To keep panels together use solid core (not stranded) picture hanging wire like this. Then wrap it around the hinges as shown, and twist the ends to keep them from coming apart.

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