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Richard Hilton, engineer for Nile Rodgers, shown here in Nile's studio.

"MiniTraps offer an ideal balance of high performance at an attractive price."

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This studio is home to Ed Dzubak, musician, composer, and three-time Emmy winner.

Photos by Jay Munro

"All RealTraps panels are Class A fire rated."


MiniTraps are 2 by 4 feet, 3-1/4 inches thick, and weigh 13 pounds. [Metric: 61 x 122 x 8 cm, 6 kg] Despite their small size these are real performers that have exceptional specs, especially at low frequencies. MiniTraps perform far better than anything else in their price range, and better than products that cost a lot more too!

No bull!When mounted in corners MiniTraps absorb very well to below 80 Hz, and are still effective (0.30) to as low as 40 Hz. One reason MiniTraps are so much more effective than other treatments is the air gap behind the panels. When mounted on a wall with a spacer, sound gets behind a MiniTrap so its rear surface can also absorb. This air gap increases absorption as much as fifty percent, and also extends absorption to lower frequencies when compared with flat wall mounting. When placed straddling a corner the absorption is even greater, especially at low frequencies. Not only because sound waves can get to the back of the trap, but also because low frequencies tend to focus in corners. Top

In addition to the 2x4 foot size, MiniTraps are also available in a 2x2 foot model (9 pounds) meant for mounting in tri-corners where two walls meet the ceiling or floor, or anywhere else a full size MiniTrap won't fit. [Metric: 61 x 61 x 8 cm, 4 kg]

We also offer both sizes in a High Frequency model for the same price that absorbs more at mid and high frequencies. Where standard MiniTraps are intentionally semi-reflective at higher frequencies, the HF type trades slightly less low frequency performance for maximum absorption above 200 Hz. This is useful for reducing echoes and excess ambience, or to treat first reflection points in a listening room. For more information on avoiding first reflections see Creating a Reflection-Free Zone on the Articles page.

Although MiniTraps cost more per unit than lesser treatments, they are far more effective so you can use fewer of them. And since the front surface of a MiniTrap is semi-reflective at mid and high frequencies, you can install enough of them to truly solve low frequency problems, but without making the room too dead as happens with foam or plain fiberglass.

All RealTraps products include hardware to mount them on a wall or ceiling. If you intend to mount your MiniTraps on microphone stands, please let us know when ordering and we'll include that hardware instead. Top

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