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RFZ panels (above left) have a beveled front, and are proportioned better than typical 2 by 4 foot panels for treating first reflections.

RealTraps RFZ panels are a perfect way to treat the first reflection points on the side walls and ceiling. They have a beveled front surface and can be mounted securely flush on a wall either vertically or horizontally for a superior fit and finish. They can also be mounted flush to the ceiling with the optional ceiling mount kit.

Their 32x42 inch size also creates a larger Reflection-Free Zone than typical 2x4 foot panels. RFZ panels are 2 inches thick to absorb to a lower frequency than MicroTraps, and each weighs 15 pounds. [Metric: 81 x 107 x 11 cm, 7 kg]

First reflections are described in more detail in the Room Setup and RFZ articles, and instructions are given for determining the specific location of the reflection points.

RFZ Panels can be mounted on either type of Stands as shown at left, though they are not suitable for use with microphone stands because of their large size and weight.

We also offer a Ceiling Mount Kit that lets you mount them flush to the ceiling rather than hanging down with wires, as shown in this photo from our Hearing Is Believing demo video:

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