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We've often wondered how much interest there would be in a RealTraps podcast. We're about to find out! We aren't sure how often we'll do episodes, and we don't want to waste anyone's time with idle chatter. But whenever something interesting comes down the pipeline, we'll do an episode and post it here. If you'd like to ask a question or suggest a show topic, tell us through our Contact page.


Episode 3: Interview with Wayne Morgan of NASCAR Media Group Jim Lindenschmidt interviews Wayne Morgan of NASCAR Media Group, who discusses how RealTraps help him to work more quickly and efficiently.

Episode 2: Are RealTraps Room Kits a cookie-cutter approach? Jim Lindenschmidt discusses whether or not RealTraps Room Kits are a viable approach to room treatment, or whether they're too generic.

Episode 1: Using the Portable Vocal Booth In a Great-Sounding Room RealTraps expert Jim Lindenschmidt demonstrates an advanced technique for using the PVB in a live, great-sounding room to capture exactly the right amount of "good room" ambience in your recordings.

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