RealTraps Prices and Shipping

Shipping charged at our cost, never higher.


Standard shipping within the continental United States and Canada is via FedEx Ground service, and is charged at our cost. Shipping within the US typically costs between $70 (east coast) and $150 (west coast) per box. One shipping box can hold one MondoTrap or one diffuser, one or two 2' by 4' MiniTraps, or up to three MicroTraps. Other box combinations are listed below. Larger orders go by truck for about 3/4 what FedEx charges.

Because the boxes are large FedEx charges the same per box regardless of what it contains or how much it weighs. We'll gladly determine the exact shipping cost for any products before you buy if you'd like. Or go to and calculate the shipping yourself using our factory's Zip code 06607.

If you're located within driving distance of our factory in Wallingford, Connecticut you are welcome to pick up your order in person after placing your order by telephone. However, when paying for traps by check, the check must have cleared before you can pick up your order. When orders are picked up in person we are also obligated to charge Connecticut sales tax which is currently 6.35 percent. But for customers in neighboring states, sales tax is generally less than shipping would cost.

Single box sizes and weights are as follows. When shipping RealTraps Stands we bundle boxes together if possible to ship them as one box. This is reflected in the table below. Top

(All box dimensions in inches)
MiniTraps and MicroTraps 2'x4'


1 MiniTrap: 52x29x6


2 MiniTraps: 52x29x10


1 MicroTrap: 52x29x6


2 MicroTraps: 52x29x6


3 MicroTraps: 52x29x10


1 MiniTrap + 1 MicroTrap: 52x29x10

1 MiniTrap + 2 MicroTraps: 52x29x10 43

MiniTraps and MicroTraps 2'x2'


1 MiniTrap 2x2: 28x28x6


2 MiniTraps 2x2: 28x28x10


1 MicroTrap 2x2: 28x28x6


2 MicroTraps 2x2: 28x28x6


3 MicroTraps 2x2: 28x28x10


1 MiniTrap + 1 MicroTrap: 28x28x10

1 MiniTrap + 2 MicroTrap: 28x28x10 26

MondoTraps and
Corner MondoTraps


1 MondoTrap: 61x27x7


"Fat" MondoTraps 2'x4'


1 MondoTrap 2x4: 52x29x10


"Fat" MondoTraps 2'x3'


1 MondoTrap 2x3: 40x29x10


"Fat" MondoTraps 2'x2'


1 MondoTrap 2x2: 28x28x10


2 MondoTraps 2x2: 26x26x15




2 MegaTraps: 26x26x26


Portable Vocal Booth


1 PVB: 27x27x5


RealTraps Carrel


1 Carrel: 27x27x7


Carrel & Mounting Tray: 27x27x7

PVB Stand Hardware Alone

Mounting Tray & Jam Nut: 24x6x6


RFZ Panels


1 RFZ Panel: 46x36x5


RealTraps Diffusers


1 Far Diffuser: 52x29x10


1 Near Diffuser: 52x29x10

GoboTraps .
1 GoboTrap: 52x29x6 28
2 GoboTrap: 52x29x11 49
1 GoboTrap Carriage: 46x14x5 21
2 GoboTrap Carriages: 46x14x10 43
Ceiling Tiles 2'x4'  
1.5" total thickness: 52x29x6 15
3" total thickness: 52x29x6 18
4.5" total thickness: 52x29x6 21
6" total thickness: 52x29x10 27
7.5" total thickness: 52x29x10 30
9" total thickness: 52x29x10 33
Ceiling Tiles 2'x2'  
1.5" total thickness: 28x28x6 9
3" total thickness: 28x28x6 10
4.5" total thickness: 28x28x6 12
6" total thickness: 28x28x10 13
7.5" total thickness: 28x28x10 15
9" total thickness: 28x28x10 16
RealTraps Stands .

1 3/4" Stand: 62x18x6


2 3/4" Stands: 62x18x6


1 1" Stand: 62x18x6


2 1" Stands: 62x18x6

Wall Stands .
1 Wall Stand: 72x12x3 8
2 Wall Stands: 72x12x5 16
3 Wall Stands: 72x12x7 24
4 Wall Stands: 72x12x7 32
Mounting Kits .
RFZ Panel Ceiling Mount Kits
ship inside the RFZ box. For Ceiling Mounting Kits bought separately, the box is 22x12x6 inches, about 5 pounds depending on quantity.
Post Base Kits ship separately in a small box whose size depends on the number of post bases ordered. 5-10

EXPORT INFORMATION: For international shipments, except to Canada, the Harmonized code for all RealTraps products is 6806.9000.10 and the description is "Acoustic boards and pads." For Canada (only) the Harmonized code is 6806.9090.10 with the same description. Top

IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR OUR CANADIAN CUSTOMERS: You are responsible for all duties and VAT charges. If you do not pay these we are billed by FedEx, and in turn we have to charge you. All of our products qualify for NAFTA, which saves you the 6 percent import tariff. We include this certificate with your order automatically. When we use FedEx, they add a small brokerage fee. For larger orders we use a logistics company and you'll need to hire your own broker. Livingston is well-known and can handle this for you. The cost of brokerage depends on the value of the products, and starts around $40 US. Please note that brokerage fees and duties are not refundable in the event you later return a product.


RealTraps gladly ships to anywhere in the world. Air freight shipping is expensive, but not excessive to most locations. Depending on the number of products purchased you can expect shipping to add between 30 and 100 percent to the cost of the products. For example, sending four MiniTraps by air to England costs about $200 per trap delivered to your door. For larger quantities the cost per trap is lower. Very large orders can be sent by boat for less still, but that's practical only for large orders of at least 30 pieces. Boat shipping to most locations also takes four to six weeks.

Duty charges in the EU countries average 5 to 9 percent, and VAT may be additional. For example, the UK charges 4% for duty plus 17.5% for VAT. Of course, you'd pay VAT anyway even for local goods, so the only premium is the much lower import duty. For VAT charges in your country see THIS page at Wikipedia.

Some typical foreign shipping prices are shown below (US Dollars). These are subject to change due to fluctuating fuel prices. We'll be glad to get an exact quote if you send us an email. Please include the number of traps you want of each type, and your full address including postal code.

Products Estimated
Shipping Cost
Portable Vocal Booth
to Canada via Post Office
Portable Vocal Booth
to Canada via FedEx
Portable Vocal Booth
to Western Europe
Portable Vocal Booth
to Eastern Europe
6 MiniTraps to Ireland $470.00
4 MondoTraps to Canada $300.00

Awave Pty. Ltd.
341 Burwood Road
Hawthorn, 3122
Phone: +61 3 9813 1833


The table below shows the prices for all of our products. Each product is priced individually. Quantity discounts apply to puchases of eight or more products in any combination. So, for example, buying six MiniTraps plus two MicroTraps qualifies for the 8+ discount on both.

Note that RealTraps Stands and Wall Stands are sold at close to our cost and are not discounted, and do not count toward the quantity discount pricing.

All absorber products are available in either Standard and HF types for the same price, and Diffusers can be ordered in either Far and Near styles for the same price. Details are on the Products page.

Orders usually ship within 10 to 14 business days. However, when the RealTraps factory is busy, orders can take up to two or three weeks to process. Please do not wait until the last minute to place your order!



MiniTrap 2'x4'x3"

1-7 MiniTraps 2x4 $249.99 each
8+ MiniTraps 2x4 $239.99 each

MiniTrap 2'x2'x3"

1-7 MiniTraps 2x2 $159.99 each
8+ MiniTraps 2x2 $149.99 each

Standard MondoTrap 2'x4'9"x4"

1-7 MondoTraps $349.99 each
8+ MondoTraps $339.99 each

Corner MondoTrap 2'x4'9"x4"

1-7 Corner MondoTraps $369.99 each
8+ Corner MondoTraps $359.99 each

"Fat" MondoTrap 2'x4'x6"

1-7 MondoTraps 2x4 $389.99 each
8+ MondoTraps 2x4 $379.99 each

"Fat" MondoTrap 2'x3'x6"

1-7 Fat MondoTraps 2x3 $369.99 each
8+ Fat MondoTraps 2x3 $359.99 each

"Fat" MondoTrap 2'x2'x6"

1-7 Fat MondoTraps 2x2 $239.99 each
8+ Fat MondoTraps 2x2 $229.99 each

(Sold in pairs only)

2, 4, or 6 MegaTraps $329.99 each
8+ MegaTraps $319.99 each
Optional 1/4" Masonite top, each add $25.00

MicroTrap 2'x4'x1"

1-7 MicroTraps 2x4 $169.99 each
8+ MicroTraps 2x4 $159.99 each

MicroTrap 2'x2'x1"

1-7 MicroTraps 2x2 $119.99 each
8+ MicroTraps 2x2 $109.99 each

RealTraps Diffuser 2'x4'x6"

1-7 Diffusers $699.99 each
8+ Diffusers $679.99 each

RFZ Panel 32"x42"x2"

1-7 RFZ Panels $329.99 each
8+ RFZ Panels $319.99 each

Portable Vocal Booth

Portable Vocal Booth (PVB) - any quantity $299.99 each
PVB for desktop use without stand hardware $249.99 each
PVB mic stand Mounting Tray alone $50.00 each

RealTraps Carrel

RealTraps Carrels - any quantity $379.99 each
PVB mic stand Mounting Tray addition $50.00 each
(8+ Quantity Discounts can be applied.)
2 Units High $879.99 each
3 Units High $1,119.99 each
Carriage Only $399.99 each
Plexiglas Top Panel $100.00 each
MiniGobos .
Panels priced as above, plus $30 per junction $30.00 each

RealTraps Ceiling Tiles
($10 off each 2x4 tile for 20+)
($5 off each 2x2 tile for 20+)

2'x2'x1.5" thick (1.5 lbs.) Standard or HF $59.99 each
2'x2'x3" thick (3 lbs.) Standard or HF $79.99 each
2'x4'x1.5" thick (3 lbs.) Standard or HF $89.99 each
2'x4'x3" thick (6 lbs.) Standard or HF $109.99 each

RealTraps Room Kits
(Quantity discount is included, no further discount applies.)

Starter Kit $1,369.99 each
Standard Room Kit $2,289.99 each
Mondo Room Kit $2,729.99 each
Standard Surround Room Kit $2,739.99 each
Mondo Surround Room Kit $3,179.99 each
Mega Starter Room Kit $4,379.99 each
Standard Large Room Kit $4,269.99 each
Mega Surround Room Kit $7,859.99 each
Partial Kits and Modules
(Modules include two panels each, so 1-3 instead of 1-7)
1-3 Diffuser Modules 6 feet high $939.99 each
4+ Diffuser Modules 6 feet high $909.99 each
1-3 Diffuser Modules 7 feet high $1,069.99 each
4+ Diffuser Modules 7 feet high $1,039.99 each
1-3 Mondo Modules 6 feet high $629.99 each
4+ Mondo Modules 6 feet high $609.99 each
1-3 Mondo Modules 7 feet high $759.99 each
4+ Mondo Modules 7 feet high $739.99 each
1-3 Mondo Modules 8 feet high $779.99 each
4+ Mondo Modules 8 feet high $759.99 each
3/4" RealTraps Stand, any quantity
1" RealTraps Stand, any quantity
Wall Stand, any quantity
$99.99 each
$119.99 each
$79.99 each
Post Base Rigid Mounting Kit $15 or $20 each
RFZ Panel Ceiling Mount Kit $20.00 each


RealTraps products are sold direct by the manufacturer to keep your cost as low as possible. To order, simply call us toll-free at 866-RealTraps (866-732-5872, 860-210-1870), or send us an email. Ordering by phone is preferred, especially if you have questions about which products are appropriate for you, how many are needed, or where to install them. We are glad to advise you on quantity, style (standard or HF), and placement.

If you must order by email please include your full name as it appears on the credit card, shipping address (not a P.O. Box) with Zip code, your daytime phone number, and which products you want - how many, color, and normal or HF types. We also need your credit card number with expiration date and CVV2 security code. When you email your order to us, please include all of the information except your credit card details. We will reply with instructions for sending your card information securely. Top

* The credit card security code is an additional 3-digit number on the back of the card, near your signature.

Very important: We need the address your credit card bill is sent to if different from your shipping address. If the address is the same please confirm that too. We cannot ship to an address different from your credit card billing address unless the alternate address is on file with your credit card company. If you want us to ship to a different address, please call your credit card company and ask them to add that address as an alternate. It takes only a few moments to add an alternate address, and this protects you as well as us.

We accept Master Card, VISA, and Discover credit cards, checks by mail, and of course cash. If you send us a check by mail, please allow 5-10 business days for clearance, or send a certified cashier's check to avoid the delay. All orders must be paid in full before they can be shipped or picked up. We do not accept open purchase orders, though you may reference a purchase order with your payment. We are also glad to send you a Pro Forma invoice ahead of time if needed. Top

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