RealTraps - Portable Vocal Booth Assembly

No tools required!

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The RealTraps Portable Vocal Booth is very easy to assemble, and the entire process takes less than five minutes. RealTraps purchasing manager and master bass player Dave Livolsi will be your guide in the series of photos at left.

First, thread the large LatchLake Jam Nut we provide onto the top of the microphone stand. This serves as a base for the Portable Vocal Booth U-channel tray assembly. Then lower the assembly onto the stand as shown at left, with the stand's upright threaded pipe passing through the hole in the center U-channel.

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Next, place the boom arm onto the stand's vertical pipe, and twist the stand's pipe until its threads are seated firmly into the boom arm. Note that the center U-channel opens toward the bottom, and the two side U-channels are open on the top.
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Now open the Portable Vocal Booth and carefully lower each hinged half into the U-channel support track as shown here. The PVB opens and closes over a fairly wide range, and the panels also slide in the support track. This lets you position the PVB forward and back to be perfectly balanced and stable, regardless of how far open you have it.
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Next, attach the microphone's shock mount (or standard mount) onto the end of the boom arm just as you would without the Portable Vocal Booth. We suggest that you loosen the boom arm's locking knob and twist the boom arm to screw it into the microphone base. This is much easier than rotating the microphone!
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Finally, adjust the boom arm so the microphone is about halfway up and centered inside the Portable Vocal Booth. When you're all done it should look like the photo at left.

Hey, that was easy!

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